Purchasing A House


 The best time to begin house hunting will be unique to each potential home buyer. We can provide you with some season data that meets, your own personal needs (such as a job or school start date), the average days on the market for homes in your desired area. With input from your real estate agent, you should be able to come up with a mortgage brokers mortgage lending mortgage company . 

Here are some other considerations that different types of home buyers may want to keep in mind

First-time buyers need to consider their financial goals before they set a house shopping timeline. If you are on a tight budget and price is your number one consideration, start looking in fall with an eye on a January closing date. Seasoned buyers may be looking to upgrade, downsize, or simply change neighborhoods for lifestyle reasons.  If you have specific home features (or locations) that are must-haves, then house hunting in spring and summer when supply is high will give you the most to choose from, even if prices are not at their lowest. If you need to sell your current home before buying your next one, you may want to consider listing your current home in late spring in order to capitalize on the June rush. Of course, you will then have to join that rush to find your next home, or make alternate plans such as a long escrow period or a rent-back agreement while you house hunt. Choosing the right home for you and your loved ones is a big decision, and there is no way that you can completely control or beat the market. However, understanding the seasonal swings (and having a little patience) can often reward you with big savings. If you want to be sure that you are ready to buy when your dream home hits the market, Call us and let’s Get Started with Pre-Approval Process Today.